Looking Back at Life

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In 1990-91 I went off travelling round the world starting in South America last stop India 14 months later. A time before internet access and mobile phones. No places were booked in advance but we managed to find a bed for the night even when sometimes it seemed impossible. 

A few years ago I began writing about the adventure then other events happened and it was put on hold. I have begun again. I have also started drawing & painting some of the amazing places. When we were in Sarawak it took 24 hours by varying boats to get to Mulu. Sadly there is now a runway with easy access and a large hotel I expect it has changed drastically. 

One day before I'm 100 I might get round to collating all the images and words.

Below are 2 of the acrylic paintings both approx 16cm x 36cm

"Tina's Place, Fiji"

"Mulu Caves, Sarawak"

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