Most Wanted 2020 Charity Linocut

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I have just created this new 3 colour linocut "Most Wanted 2020" 

100% of sales are going to go to Toiletries Amnesty I wanted to give something back in these hard times and the whole mayhem of the Coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone's minds. 

“’Most Wanted 2020’ was created in response to current global issues and the reaction some people have to such a drastic time.
“It is about making a remark about the things the public seem to find the most necessary in a time of crisis - almost causing another crisis in their wake. I created the linocut to sell for charity to try to give something back in these hard times.”

Toiletries Amnesty is a web directory where charities and community groups can list the toiletries and health supplies they need to serve some of the most vulnerable people in society. The public can search for local causes near them, find their exact requirements, and donate unused or unwanted toiletries to benefit their community and reduce waste at the same time. So far, over 150 charities and groups have registered on Toiletries Amnesty, and public donations are needed more than ever during coronavirus.

To purchase see the prints for sale you can choose from an original linocut for £85 or Reproduction for £20 both include postage. 

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