New Linocut and Special Offer

art beehives garden linocut norfolk sketch special offer tulips

SPECIAL OFFER - sadly only available to the first buyer - if you ask you can have for FREE the original colour sketch(see photos) to go with the linocut. DEADLINE for offer 30 June 2023.

finished linocut drying

. sketching in the garden

cutting out for the final layer

      original sketch and studio assistant tired after all the advice. (only the sketch comes with the offer!) 

If you don't ask for the sketch I will assume you don't want it and it will go to the next buyer.

Inspired by the beautiful tulips and beehives in our garden. I sat in our garden sketching this having planted masses of tulips last year - less than half surviving the visiting deer and mice. 

After sketching this we went on holiday, I was itching to get back to start the linocut. All the tulips in the garden were over by the time we returned but I had my sketches as reference. 


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