Tulips For Tapping

colour fields of flowers linocut merchandise norfolk Norfolk Hospice tulips tulips for tapping

Had a lovely time in the beautiful tulip fields in Norfolk in aid of Norfolk Hospice tickets still available 

Did a couple of quick watercolour sketches but mostly just soaked up the stunning beauty of the fields 

Check out the merchandise... my linocut from the fields last year available as a t towel - also available on their website. 


Thanks to Karen Harvey for the photos (first one what happens next!)

Louise Stebbing Printmaker sketching in a field of Tulips in Norfolk about to be walked over by someone on the phone - photo by Karen Harvey Field of colourful tulips red yellow purple white orange wowclose up photo by Karen Harvey of Louise Stebbing Printmaker doing quick watercolour in tulip fields in Norfolk in aid of Tapping House Norfolk Hospice merchandise banner at Tulips for Tapping showing T towel with linocut design by Louise Stebbing Printmaker from fields last year Photo by Karen Harvey

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