Rise Of Female Artists
Rise Of Female Artists
Rise Of Female Artists
Louise Stebbing Printmaker

Rise Of Female Artists

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Linocut on Canvas mounted onto wood ready to hang

152cm x 4cm wide 2cm deep 

Edition of 100

Hanging in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021 also a few available from my website or studio.


Brief info about artists on the Rise of Female Artists 

Yayoi Kusama   1929 - present           Born in Japan, Kusama found acclaim in 1960s New York. Since the 1970s she has lived in Tokyo, where she continues to work prolifically.

Dame Elizabeth Blackadder DBE, RA, RSA. 1931 - 2021                                    Was a Scottish painter and printmaker known for her images of flowers and cats. The first woman to be elected to both the Royal Academy and Royal Scottish academy.

Queenie McKenzie  1920 - 1988      Australian painter. Born to an Aboriginal mother and an Irish father. She was the first woman artist to become famous amongst the high profile male artists from the East Kimberley. 

Marianne North 1830 - 1890      Marianne was an amazing English Victorian biologist and botanical artist. She travelled extensively to paint plants in their natural settings. She founded a Gallery to house them at Kew Gardens  - well worth visiting.

Eileen Cooper OBE,RA  1953 - present.  A British artist, known primarily as a painter and printmaker.  The first woman in the history of the  Royal Academy to serve as Keeper of the Royal Academy - 2010 to 2017

Frida Kahlo  1907 - 1954          Mexican artist remembered for her self-portraits, pain and passion, and bold, vibrant colours.

Natalia Goncharova  1881 - 1961Russian artist, painter, costume designer, writer, illustrator, and set designer.An early leader in the Russian avant-garde

Kathe Kollwitz  1867 - 1945     German artist who worked with painting, printmaking and sculpture. Famous for depicting the effects of poverty, hunger and war on the working class. 

Louise Stebbing  1961 - present             UK Printmaker known for her evocative linocut landscapes and creating “Rise of Female Artists”

Kenojuak Ashevak  CC,RCA 1927 - 2013.        A celebrated Canadian Inuit artist. Her drawings and prints, comprised of simple, stylized motifs and coded symbols of Inuit culture. She one of the first Inuit women in Cape Dorset to begin to draw

Mirka Mora  1928 - 2018

French Born artist who contributed significantly to the development of contemporary art  in Australia.  A Holocaust surviver.

Gillian Ayres  CBE,RA 1930 - 2018Best known for abstract painting and printmaking using vibrant colours,

Belkis Ayon  1967 - 1999Cuban printmaker who specialised in the technique of collography. Known for her highly detailed allegorical collographs based on Abakuá, a secret, all-male Afro-Cuban society

Ellen Heck  1983 - presentAmerican Printmaker  Over the past decade, through several print projects, she has explored specific questions about identity—its creation, variability, persistence and change