Lake at Hever Castle...

Hever Castle lake landscape artist LAOTY linocut process printmaking Sky Landscape Artist

Here is a brief process of the linocut I created back in my studio of the Lake at Hever Castle - bigger than the one I created on Landscape Artist of the Year (below) and took a lot longer!

I get busy working and forget to take more photos but hopefully this will show some of the process - it's a reduction linocut. I use a registration sheet to get the print placed right on the paper for the first inking. After that I place the lino by eye on top of the previously printed layer - if you can see any ink showing you know it's not in register.

I start with thin layers so the ink can build up and it gives more depth to the finished  linocut. 

A few years ago in my old studio I added some demos on YouTube...


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